Locally Made Furniture

21" 6 Drawer Chest ; 21" 7 Drawer Chest ; 30" 6 Drawer Chest ; 30" 7 Drawer Chest ; 30" 3+2 Chest ; 30" 4+2 Chest ; 30" 5+2 Chest ; 30" 6+2 Chest ; 35" 7 Drawer Chest ; 35" 3+2 Chest ; Ladies Wardrobe; Gentleman 's Wardrobe ; Ladies Triple Wardrobe ; Gentleman's Triple ; 4ft Dresser ; 4ft 6" Dresser ; 3ft Glasstop Dresser ; 4ft Glasstop Dresser ; 4ft 6" Glasstop Dresser .

We have a wide range of finishes that are available on all of our solid pine furniture.
Dark Oak Wax (matt) or Lacquer (shiny) & Kenilworth Oak Wax (matt) or Lacquer (shiny) are our standard finishes. All other finishes are classed as a special/bespoke. You may also order furniture unfinished, in the white, so you are able to apply your own finish.

Lacquer finish is very durable, where most marks will just wipe off.
Wax finishes need a little more attention, spills or marks need to be addressed immediately, however, wax finishes can be rubbed down and rewaxed.

Please note that there is a slight colour difference between the wax and the lacquer finish of the same colour.

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Antique Lacquer Autumn Lacquer Dark Oak Lacquer
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Golden Lacquer Honey Lacquer Irish Antique Lacquer
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Jacobean Oak Lacquer K. Oak Lacquer Maghony Lacquer
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Natural Lacquer Natural Wax Water Base Wax